Technical service

 Finite element analysis simulation technology is used to make simulation projections for the tire performance, on the basis of the comparison and analysis to realize the simulation of tire performance optimization.


Traditional production technology of crowned rolling longitudinal cutting method is used. As the article crowned has multiple joints, by using patent extrusion production of joint article will ensure article crowned has a uniform distribution on the tire crown of tension, and can effectively guarantee the performance of car radial tire evenly balanced.

This technique is also known as self-service type of gas shielded tire technology; representative products include Eufori of Pirelli Corporation and AWK series of Bridgestone Corporation. The principle is through special structure design of rubber supporting body to improve the tire structure, ensure that tires under the condition of flat tire or loss of pressure can run at a speed of 80 km/h for more than 80 kilometers.

A. According to different markets and customer needs, developing the PCR low rolling resistance, low noise and high wet high-performance tires.
B. Having developed the special structure design of TBR tires to improve load capacity and more suitable for market segmentation.
C. The application of new materials and development of TBR new tread rubber formula, which can greatly reduce rolling resistance and improve economic benefits.
D. Having developed high-performance Moto tire, which will meets the needs of high-end motorcycle market at home and abroad.

A. Optimize the rubber mixing process will improve the high filler contents of rubber mixing effect and improve the performance of flat rubber.
B. By implementing six sigma projects will greatly reduce the tire production cost, raise overall quality of tires.

A. Strictly according to ISO/TS16949 quality system requirements and control various parts.
B. Improve all processes product quality system to ensure the stability of quality.
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